Airport Pickup Vs Pre-paid Taxi

Delhi Airport Terminal

What to do?

Which to prefer?

Airport to our home is nearly 40% cheaper compared to the pickup service we use. You can use the pre-paid taxi service available at the airport or book an Uber.

The ride quality of the pre-paid taxi service has not got much going for it. 

AC may work or not; the driver’s English skills could get challenging. 

Uber rides are, of course, much better.

The pickup service that we use has good condition AC cars with English understanding drivers. They pay a hefty parking fee, pay an entrance fee, and then the driver waits for your arrival with your name placard. He brings you to us without wasting time searching for our location.

If you value convenience and the comfort of the knowledge that someone awaits you at the airport and that you will not waste time en route to our home, then it is a no-brainer. Opt for the pickup, especially if you arrive late or are a single woman or women group.

However, if you still wish to manage on your own, then you can opt for a pre-paid taxi, in this case, take the print out of our instructions. Please keep in mind that the taxi drivers are notorious for ignoring printed instructions.

Or book an Uber.

Whatever you choose, but let’s quickly meet each other. 🙂

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