Prices per night: Ground Floor Room Rs. 3,500/-; First and Second Floor Rooms Rs. 4,000/- per night. Inclusive Taxes. Complimentary breakfast + free wifi. Click for more

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Children Welcome. Warmth, Coziness of an Indian Family. Safe for Single Women. Unique Haveli Architecture - Luxurious. Alternative to Delhi Hotels.

Delhi can be intimidating, chaotic and mad house to the first timer (Your senses will be maxed out with all sensory assault) but it is also one of the world's most fascinating places. The size alone can put you at your wit's end.


For Years, Our Place Is The Oasis. Safely Land here and then explore. The encounter with the country (...and especially Delhi) is so overwhelming ...


Take All The Help Possible and then enjoy your rest of trip with confidence & knowledge. You may began afraid and overwhelmed but quickly you can go to being peaceful and serene.


It Will Astonish you to see how safe it is to travel in India. You can use us as a sounding board for your travel ideas.


For Your Safety At Bed And Breakfast New Delhi:


Safe Water - We have a reverse osmosis water filtration plant installed. Same technology as the mineral water manufacturers. Saves your money on purchase of bottled water.


Complimentary Breakfast is served (8:30 to 9:30 am) Many have appreciated the variety offered. It is a place to discuss your itineraries, get ideas and solutions for your further travel.


India, The Biggest Psychedelic Show on the planet. Enjoy it by just being here. Delhi captures it very well.


To Establish and nurture a deeper meaningful connection with the magic and mystery of the real India, to come face to face with its humanity, to break barriers of boundaries and limited experience there is no better way to do it than staying with an Indian family instead of hiding in hotels and wasting your short stay in Delhi. Bed and Breakfast at New Delhi.


Here You will be a part of the family. Sharing meals, breakfast, watching kids go to school, meeting neighbour's, intellectuals, lot's of interaction with the family members.


Forget The Mechanical, predictable, clinical and drabby stays of the Inns, expensive hotels ... experience and luxuriate in the glow of family care in a manageable budget. We offer immense care, attention to detail, and the best fresh produce either bought locally or home grown.

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Safe For Women. Delhi B&B. Safe for women. Travel to this Homestay in New Delhi and stay at this centrally located bed and breakfast accommodation

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Bed and Breakfast New Delhi B&B, a resting place, a B&B Hotel Delhi India with home hospitality which is a family run property in their private residence. Many have enjoyed and loved their stay here. Very safe for single women.