Prices per night: Ground Floor Room Rs. 3,500/-; First and Second Floor Rooms Rs. 4,000/- per night. Inclusive Taxes. Complimentary breakfast + free wifi. Click for more

Book here           We answer within 24 hours.

Children Welcome. Warmth, Coziness of an Indian Family. Safe for Single Women. Unique Haveli Architecture - Luxurious. Alternative to Delhi Hotels.

Your Host And Hostess are English speaking. Pervez speaks a bit of French as well.


Sheikh Pervez Hameed Studied Engineering, and has done many businesses.


Lubna graduated in psychology.


We Invite the international travelers to experience and enjoy the sites, sounds and tastes of Delhi from the comfort and warmth of their home, the Delhi Bed and Breakfast. Make this place the hub of your travels.


Your Hosts Family have been in the hospitality business for the last three generations.


You can pick our brains while planning your India journey.


Our Homestay is stepping out of the backpacker hostels and cheesy 2/3/4 star joints to stay with a genuine, real, local family, sit at our dining table, watch our tv, walk around our neighbourhood, sleep in our guest room.


This is a cultural , people-to-people experience not found at hostels and star hotels.

A Quote:

Overcome hunger for growth, but grow as the flower grows, unconsiciously, but eagerly anxious to open its soul to the air. So must you press forward to open your soul to the eternal. But it must be the eternal that draws forth your strength and beauty, not desire of growth. For in the one case you develop in the luxuriance of purity; in the other you harden by the forcible passion for personal stature.
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