Prices per night: Ground Floor Room Rs. 3,500/-; First and Second Floor Rooms Rs. 4,000/- per night. Inclusive Taxes. Complimentary breakfast + free wifi. Click for more

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Children Welcome. Warmth, Coziness of an Indian Family. Safe for Single Women. Unique Haveli Architecture - Luxurious. Alternative to Delhi Hotels.

Airport Pickup:

Rs. 1400/- (upto 3 persons, small car) - Rs. 1,800/- (for more than 3 persons, large car)

(Please send your complete flight details (airlines, flight number, arriving from, arriving at which terminal, time of arrival. Recommended as it saves you lot's of time and energy).


For airport pickup, a car and driver goes to the airport with a placard, pays the parking, pays the entrance, waits there (flights can be late) and fetches you.


You will spot the man holding your name placard as you walk out of the immigration either in the arrivals hall or outside Gate no. 6 (after searching carefully through a zillion people holding name placards).


In the rare event, if you do not find our promised driver at the airport, call us as he will surely be there and we will put you two in touch with each other.


Airport Drop:

Rs. 1000/- for Small AC car; Rs. 1,400/- for Large AC car.


Airport Pickup is possible at all hours and strongly recommended for first time visitors and night arrivals.


Railway Station Pickup/Drop:

Rs. 1000/- (upto 3 persons, small car) - Rs. 1,400/- (for more than 3 persons, large car)

(Please send train number, arrival time, station at which train arrives and from where it arrives)


Pickup is arranged through commercial cars and licensed drivers.


The Drivers who pick you up from airport or railway stations, the drivers who take you around Delhi and Rajasthan are known to us, carefully chosen, vetted and approved by us.


Plz. give us your phone number which can be reached at all times ... to avoid any confusion.


 Cheaper option:

Use auto or the local taxi. In this case, please ask for our location map. It will make things easier. Pre-paid taxis/auto rickshaws are available from airport/rly. station.