Prices per night: Ground Floor Room Rs. 3,500/-; First and Second Floor Rooms Rs. 4,000/- per night. Inclusive Taxes. Complimentary breakfast + free wifi. Click for more

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Children Welcome. Warmth, Coziness of an Indian Family. Safe for Single Women. Unique Haveli Architecture - Luxurious. Alternative to Delhi Hotels.

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I was standing in the middle lane of Khan Market trying to remember where I’d seen the Amici restaurant. I had been passing by less than half an hour earlier, but I wasn’t able to retrace my steps. I had decided to leave off the search and ask somebody, but not just anybody, when I saw a young woman approaching. I let her come near me before I politely asked her if she knew the whereabouts of Amici. I wasn’t really able to follow her left and right turns, she must have noticed and said; Oh come on I will walk you there.

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