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India Gate at Delhi

Most advice on internet forums is to avoid Delhi.

Get in and get out as quickly as possible is the strong suggestion.

The general rant is that Delhi is chaotic, busy and expensive.


Most of this is perhaps quite true. But then there is much to Delhi, a lot's to see.

Delhi is the microcosm of India.

It is the food capital, the sufi stronghold, the political capital, the cultural capital, the music capital, the art capital, the fashion capital as well as wheeler dealer's city.

In our view, one should give Delhi 3 clear touring days - this means 4 nights probably.


This shall set you up nicely to enjoy and understand rest of India much better.

A possible itinerary could be:

Day 1: The circuit of Humayun's Tomb, Crafts Museum, Old Delhi (Jama Masjid, Red Fort (closed on Monday),
Chadni Chowk market (closed on Sunday)), India gate area and back.

Day 2: The circuit of Lotus Temple, Qutub Minar, Hauz Khas Village, Lodhi Gardens, Khan Market and
Connaught Place (closed on Monday)

Day 3: A circuit of Nizamuddin Shrine, Bangal Sahib Gurudwara, Hanuman Temple, Nigambodh Ghat (cremation
grounds) and Akshardham Temple (closed on Monday).

Ideally, one should hire a car and driver. It is inexpensive and much hassle free.


However, you can spend even longer time:


Delhi is perhaps the most interesting city in the world, and is easy to even spend two weeks here especially if your interests are history and architecture. There is a lot going for Delhi - historical sights, lot's of monuments and forts, bustling markets, interesting neighborhoods. Here's a random selection of some tips. 


Delhi's old city - with 2 weeks, you should spend plenty of time in Shahjahanabad, Delhi's walled old city. Different neighborhood's are completely different, and the place is always full of energy (and people).


The Forts and Monuments - Mostly in South Delhi, nearly every neighborhood has something to offer by way of centuries-old buildings tucked away in their inner lanes.  One must visit is Mehrauli, beyond the popular Qutb Minar sight. Mehrauli is full of character demonstrating the mixture of new and old of Delhi.


Tughlukhabad Fort, mostly quiet has impressive ramparts and an interesting urban village inside the walls.


As  you will wander around Delhi, you can expect to turn a corner and spot few hundred years old mosque or temple or a building and turn the next corner -  a chrome and glass facade is in your sight!.


Khan Market - Near Lodhi Garden, a popular upscale market for Delhi frequented by expatriates, middle and upper classes.  Has bookshops, boutiques, restaurants. 


Noida - The new part of Dehi NCR suburb. Middle-class housing complexes, modern shopping malls, multiplexes - this is  how the modern India lives.


Majnu ka Tila - a Tibetan neighborhood - The culture of tibetan people in a small microcosm.


Nizammuddin Dargah- A holy shrine of sufi saint, it is frequented by devouts from all religions. Can be intimidating for some though there is nothing to worry - it has an honest and real India atmoshphere.

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