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Tips for India

Location is very important

Delhi is a large, surging, sprawling city and has many fascinating neighbourhoods that showcasing the various time periods of Delhi.


Most tourists land up in Paharganj or Karol Bagh, primarily due to lack of information & budget constraints.


But these locations do not reveal the glorious Delhi. Delhi can be very complex, difficult to navigate & a local's knowledge comes in very handy. Therefore, most tourists fail to do Delhi well & it is not their fault.


The recommendation is to stay in upscale leafy neighbourhoods of South Delhi. Homestays, guest houses, Boutique hotels, bed and breakfast are your choices. The host families are helpful and source of lots of valuable information.

Shopping Tips for India - Delhi You can buy these in Delhi...

Little tips to help you decide what to bring, or not to bring to India. Should lessen your baggage weight.



Not necessary to bring in your heavy cameras. India has good sunlight all day and a disposable Kodak camera (Can be bought Delhi street for an insignificant price) is more than enough-unless you are planning special effect night shots.   



Can buy for pennies at Delhi PALIKA BAZAAR (underground)---Even ready made corporate looking suits can be had from starting Ind Rs. 1000/= (Approx US $ 20!). Delhi air is polluted & occassionaly even dusty. Be ready to face sand dust in Delhi roads since there's significant road diggings are on for DELHI METRO rlwy! But U can buy facial cover tissues from pharmacies.... 



Virtually all brands are available--and Ok prices. 


Your mobile phone?

Yes, if u have int'l roaming. Make sure you check out the compatible network in New Delhi with your own service provider. 


Extra security measures such as Electric shock gadgets----not needed really.

Delhi is generally safe, and a Londoner said that you are more likely to get mugged in London. 


A basic knowledge of Hindi?

Would be fine but not ESSENTIAL----u can use patchy English to communicate. But take care since most people in Delhi "THINK" that they are good at English but mis-intepreting it all the while! (No offence to Delhites!) For instance, try asking for directions ---u'll know what i mean! 


Road Map

You will need a ROAD MAP (Delhi)---since Delhi roads are a pain + confusing. But you can get free from Tourism info centres--Eg: Connaught Place.



Is a concern-----But bottled mineral water is available from US $ cents .20 (500 ml) everywhere---make sure the seal of the cap is INTACT when u buy. If seal is broken, run. 


Anti bacterial medicine/delhi food poisoning pills

Can purchase from any street pharmacy but since its no such heavy luggage, u r better off bringing them--REMEMBER TO BRING THE LABELS OF YOUR MEDICINE/PILLS + prescriptions---immigration procedure can get quite nasty if otherwise.... 


You do not need to bring condoms, torches or any fire extinguishers either 


If you need English books/mags, they are available in N/Delhi--but non-English Euro language books --they are hard to find in Delhi. 


Even cheap walkmans/personal mp3 players + headphones could be purchased from PALIKA BAZAAR. 



most hotels have free TVs with at least 100 channels that include BBC, CNN, German DW, French TV ASIE and even Japanese NHK (24 hrs). 



If your main use of it is e-mail / web mail, then not necessary since cyber cafes in bazaar areas give you access (high spped) at inexpensive rates. 



the cyber cafes have them....PAy a few more rupees for your color printouts.



You need to bring it. Preferably buy sufficient tapes in your own country. 


Baby tissues/hygiene tissues

Very useful. But available from any street pharmacy for low prices. 


Want to bring your own car?

The public bus service provides plenty buses at VERY low cost (10 kms cost you only US $ cents .10!)---but if u want luxury travel, and specific about CLEANLINESS, then please forget them.