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Humayun's Tomb 1858

An abundant supply of historical monuments and ruins make Delhi a delightful destination worthy of many days of stay, whatever the Internet forums otherwise may say.

The Archaeological Survey of India is mandated to restore, preserve and maintain these heritage buildings. However, it is not an easy task and the lack of funds is stifling their work.


ASI has nearly 174 locations in Delhi on its roster of protective monuments. There lament is that the cultural ministry is not releasing sufficient funds to take care of even these protected monuments.

Now ASI is mulling over the idea of providing tourist amenities such as drinking water, benches and toilets, plus upgrading access facilities to accommodate physically challenged people at the lesser popular tourist destinations, in order to make these destinations more attractive to tourists and thus earned increased revenue.

Up in the air is talk of public private partnership for maintenance of these historical structures.


Our view is that a fair bit of decent job has been done by the ASI for the top billed monuments but the minor monuments that are scattered all over Delhi require an immediate attention and protection.

All of these locations can be developed of varying interest, from minor to major for the local Delhi people as people. International tourists are much appreciative of the locations where they see lots of local people milling around.


Before past turns into history


Most of these destinations are within 5 to 40 min driving distance from this Delhi guesthouse