Prices per night: Ground Floor Room Rs. 3,500/-; First and Second Floor Rooms Rs. 4,000/- per night. Inclusive Taxes. Complimentary breakfast + free wifi. Click for more

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Children Welcome. Warmth, Coziness of an Indian Family. Safe for Single Women. Unique Haveli Architecture - Luxurious. Alternative to Delhi Hotels.

After your plastic surgery in Delhi, India stay with us for recovery. BnB Medical.

Apollo Hospital patients can recuperate at our place.

If you have decided on coming to New Delhi India on India Medical Tourism for medical treatment then recuperate from your operation at our place. Many individuals from all over the world are visiting Delhi India for Breast Lift Surgery India, Brow Lift Surgery India, Cosmetic Surgery India, Surgery in India.

We can help you with the organisation of your treatment as well or recommend doctors for your Dental Tourism India, or Plastic Surgery in Delhi India based on recommendations of our guests. With us, you have to explain your requirement once - unlike at a hotel where the staff changes shift and you are required to explain it every time a new person appears on the scene.

Nothing can help your recover faster than the care of family attention after your Medical Surgery in Delhi India. Plus we will take help you with your special dietary needs. Are beds are the best, very comfortable, equipped with softest mattresses (even the best hotels are yet to provide this). The rooms air-conditioned, well appointed, clean with attached bathrooms. One room is on the ground floor. Please book early as we get sold out very quickly, especially during the season.

Make your medical treatment trip to India deliver more - learning India more intimately, spending time with Indians, acquiring new cooking skills.

Many patients have stayed at our place, for recuperation and have enjoyed it tremendously. Patients had come for Spinal Surgery, Cosmetic treatment, Dental work, Muscular disorders etc. This is what our guests had to say about their experience: (contact details provided on request)

* As again a wonderful experience staying here. This is my second time & if I come back again, I’ll stay a third time. … Ronald Kirk, Raleigh, NC 27522, USA. December 2006. Dental Tourism India.

* I have been here for very extensive dental treatment. All my meals were specially prepared so I could eat them. Too hot this time of year for much sightseeing plus I didn't feel up to it anyway. I will be back in December, staying here, then enjoying some sightseeing. Most of all to enjoy this warm hospitality of family. Thank you. ... Ron Kirk, Raleigh, USA. May 2006. Dental Tourism India.

* I arranged for surgery at the Apollo Hospital in New Delhi over the Internet, not knowing the doctors, hospitals, customs, areas or language … India and its challenges were unknown to me. After a two nights stay at the hospital and rather extensive surgery, I was discharged and taken directly to the Delhi Bed and Breakfast - Homestay … where I was cared for by the Pervez family.

My convalescence was more demanding and involved than I realised, but my hosts quickly understood that and surpassed my expectations, providing loving convalescent care.

My bland and tasteless special diet were transformed by Lubna into appealing, tasty dishes which added to my speedy recovery. The meals were served in the room, till I was able to join diners at the table.

I was truly pampered and treated as a special honoured guest.

I had read about the pitfalls, difficulties and possible dangers of a visit to India (particularly for a single woman) but felt absolutely safe and secure from the time I arrived at the airport until my departure.

I will be happy to supply further information and I highly endorse a stay with the Pervez family at the Delhi Bed and Breakfast, surgery or not.

What a memorable experience!

I had made reservations at a four-star hotel but I am so glad I cancelled and opted for the homestay. ... Marrion Rolston, Canada. November 2005. Here for Plastic Surgery in Delhi India.

* Staying here has been the very best part of our first trip to India! The fabulous dinners, the opportunity to become acquainted with you, and your guests, has made our India experience unforgettable. Your caring hospitality has been received with joy! Thank you for everything! We'll tell everyone about Delhi B&B and Pervez, Lubna, Padma & family!! ... Gary & Marilyn Grebbien, Simi Valley, California, USA. February 2006. Dental Tourism India.

* Sad to leave my new friends. Welcomed by all. As homely friendly willing to help the family. All services gracious traditional catered to needs. Quality time with mum Pervez and the lovely Lubna. My respite care-adequate understanding from all concerned. Many thanks. Sincere wishes. ... Lillian M Owen, Retd. Nurse, Birmingham, UK. India Medical Tourism.

* It is with heavy hearts that we say 'farewell' to the lovely Pervez family. Our week here has been a gift from above! Our hearts and bodies have been well nourished, our lives enriched forever by our stay with Pervez, Lubna and Family. We will treasure them as our own! Your hospitality and generosity are unmatched and our sincere hope is that you come to U.S.A and let us reciprocate one day. Peace N Love. Lubna, Please open a restaurant in Colorado?? ... Nick & DJ Duren, Golfer and Educator, Colorado, U.S.A. India Medical Tourism.

* The Pervez family welcomed us into their home on 7th August and made us welcome and comfortable. During our stay, we were provided with everything we needed and a lot of help in understanding how to move around and the culture of India. Lubna is an excellent cook. We could not ask for more. ... Kevin Barber, Professor, UK. India Medical Tourism.

Convalescence can be long, difficult and boring ... now the option is there to stay with us and recover easily ... maybe even faster.

Hospitals close to us are Apollo Hospital, Escorts Heart's Institute, Rockland Hospital, Vimhans, Indian Spinal Care, Batra Hospital.

For medical tourism dental work in India, there are many qualified and highly accomplished dentists doing an excellent job - having many satisfied western patients. All this in Delhi.

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India Medical Tourism, Right Location for it. BnB New Delhi. If you are in Delhi for a medical treatment such as Plastic Surgery in Delhi or Plastic Surgery in Delhi India eye or Dental Tourism India, then this is the place. Why? Apart from Doctor's skills and hospitals equipment, the recuperation is an important aspect.

Which Would You Prefer after your plastic surgery in Delhi, India? A soulless hotel with a staff with plastic smiles and their hand extended for a tip at each corner? Or a laughing, joyous, caring family attention. Your special diet needs can be well taken care of.

Conveniently Close To Escorts Hospital, Apollo Hospital. Medical Tourism. Get yourself treated at these hospitals, recuperate under family care. Some of our guests have come for spinal surgery, cosmetic surgery, dental work etc. Bed and Breakfast New Delhi - India.