Rajouri Garden – A market of deals

Delhi bargain market

Situated about 30 to 45 min ride from our home, in the north-western direction is the Rajouri Garden market. It is the most popular high street market in West Delhi. It is a straight stretch of road, which is about a kilometre in length, has outlets dotting on its either side. 

In this market, many bargains are available. An inexpensive place to indulge in retail therapy! 

Offering an exciting mix of clothes, footwear and street food, one can spend a few hours quickly browsing for deals. It provides a vibrant and healthy mix of international brands, domestic brands and homegrown. 

Typical Indian street food is available here at very reasonable prices. Savour items like “rajma chawal” (rice and kidney beans) for about one dollar or try Mumbai’s popular dish “pao bhaji” (puffed bread and mixed vegetable preparation) for about one dollar.

Or sample one of the most popular North Indian snack “gol gappe”. Gol Gappe are hollow flour balls. You punch a hole in them using your thumb, then fill in the balls with spicy water, spicy and sweet chutney, add chickpeas and bits of boiled potato and eat this filled ball in one big gulp)—all of that for about half a dollar.

A definite must is “aloo tikki” (a patty made of potato stuffed with a variety of ingredients such as peas, cheese, lentils – then fried over a huge pan. 

It is served with a combination of two or more chutneys and sauces and a liberal sprinkling of salt and spices. Spice quantity to suit your palate—all of this for about three-fourths of a dollar.

Finally finish it with the famous Indian Dessert – kulfi (made of milk and cream, frozen on a stick) for about plus half a dollar. 

Let’s move from food to fashion. Fashionable footwear is available from six dollars a pair to about $ 14 for three shoe pairs. Getting your hand onto these deals might be a minor challenge as you may have to struggle through the crowds jostling at these shops. 🙂

Stylish handbags are available for about $ 12 onwards. You will not miss the roadside stalls selling costume jewellery, hair clips, earrings and other accessories, with prices starting from as low as half a dollar. 

Ethnic women’s wear dominates the market. Trendy, affordable casual wear is available from as low as $12. These clothes are a big hit with the college-going crowd. Some items are even lower priced at three dollars or so.

One can easily reach this market using the services of a car and driver. For the metro users, use the blue line of Delhi Metro. Just hop down from the Rajouri Garden Metro station to the market. So near is this market to the Metro!

Even if you do not want to buy or want to eat here, the market is well worth a visit to experience the bustling energy of a typical Indian market in the capital of the country. 

In its vicinity are a few modern malls competing for the same footfalls, yet the market continues to hold its head high even today.

Just outside this market, on the main ring road, on both sides are many outlets selling marble– from ordinary to exotic. If you love marble, or marble flooring, or marble kitchen tops, then even if you’re not a buyer, it’s well worth a visit to delight in with the sight of exquisite marble.

Visit this non-touristy Delhi market for bargains, street food, ethnic wear, footwear, to experience the sheer energy of a West Delhi market.

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