Delhi Airport Scam – How to avoid it

A word of advice for those travelling by taxi from the airport to Delhi B&B. Call the B&B to arrange to be picked up!

We decided to take a taxi from the airport and were subjected to one of the popular “scams”

Our taxi driver told us that it was impossible to get to the B&B because of road construction and that we would have to stay at another hotel. He took us to a “Government Travel Office” where we were told rooms were hard to obtain, but would have to take a more expensive hotel.

I requested that he phone the B&B because we had prepaid. He called and then told us our room had been given to someone else. He even let me talk to the person who of course was also in on the scam.

I had read earlier in the Lonely Planet Guide about taxi scams and suddenly realised it was happening to us.

I used my own phone to call the B&B and was happy to hear Pervez inform me that “of course you have a room, you prepaid, why would I not have a room for you.” I told him what had happened and he reassured me that we still had a room.

Be careful!!


Bruce Childs – Canada

Delhi Bed and Breakfast guest

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