Paranthewali Gali (1872)

Chandini chowk food lane

Paranthas or pancakes are a traditional hit item for many centuries in India, especially in North India.

In the short series where I talk about restaurants that were popular during British Raj and are still popular even today, in focus for this article is a small cluster of shops dishing out exotic and varied Paranthas.

In the Gali (narrow lane) just off the main avenue Chandini Chowk, are five small holes in the wall restaurants preparing and serving hot steaming delicious Paranthas on the spot.

While the lane is much longer, appropriately, it is called Paranthewali Gali. A popular destination, mere utterance of this location is enough to make hard-core Delhites salivate in anticipation.

When business commenced in late 19th century, Paranthas stuffed with aloo (potatoes), gobhi (cauliflower), dal (lentils), matar (peas) were prepared and sold at the rate of 75 paise per Paranthas

Today, the varied repertoire has increased to around 25 and stuffings vary from paneer (cottage cheese), papad, Rabri to khurchan. The price has risen to between Rs. 35 to 50 each.

It is about a 30 min ride from our home.

The atmosphere is eclectic, the interiors are basic and tacky, but the Paranthas are simply out of this world.

As old Delhi consumes a lot of time sightseeing, this can be an option for the adventurous to have their lunch.

Winters are the best time to eat Paranthas as Paranthas provide the right fuel to counter the chill of the winter season.

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