Karim’s hotel (1913) – pre-India independence restaurant

Mughlai food in old Delhi

Delhi is the food capital of India. The variety available here is mind-boggling, and the street food is just yummy.

In a short series, I shall mention some eateries that are popular now but were popular even before India got its independence. Karim’s is one of these famous establishments.

Located near the big mosque Jama Masjid in old Delhi, this non-vegetarian restaurant shall achieve a centenary of existence when next year dawns.

Mentioned in almost all guidebooks and known to every Delhi resident, this restaurant dishes out finger-licking non-vegetarian fare.

Its forte is Mughlai food. Since its inception, the tandoori Murgh (chicken) and the tandoori Burra (goat meat) continue on its menu.

Don’t expect the interiors to be classy – actually, they are quite tacky. The food is rich and most of the time well prepared.

Karim has many franchises now, but none can match the freshness or the taste of this establishment.

Reach the steps of Jama Masjid and just opposite those steps is a narrow, bustling road. Enter the street, and within 50 feet, on the left-hand side, you shall spot the name sign.
The actual restaurant space split into many chambers, and there are few other chambers which belong to other restaurants. Can be quite confusing if you go there expecting an impressive restaurant.

It is about a 30 min ride from our home.

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